About Us

Orphan Drug Consulting offers end-to-end management support to pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies launching in the EU, US and across the world. From strategic advice and corporate development through supply chain, quality assurance, compliance, vendor management to product launch, we are here for you. 

The Orphan Drug Consulting team bring over 150 years of combined experience in supply chain and quality assurance to support your organisation in bringing your products from clinical to commercial launch.

By utilizing specific allowances and reimbursement programs open to Orphan Drugs in different countries to optimise supply, your product can be on the market quickly with production runs and SKU’s for small patient populations kept to a minimum.

Understanding and aligning your supply across the differing legal, tax, customs, finance, regulatory and compliance framework to ensure successful supply can be challenging, especially when your product is utilizing routes to market such as early access programs or named patient supply. Orphan Drug Consulting is here to navigate these legislative frameworks on your behalf and ensure that your patients receive seamless product first time and every time across the world.

Our Values


We trust in each other and our clients trust in us.


We listen, we do not hard sell, and we work to your timetable and objectives.


We live a “do it right” culture, first time every time.


We are honest to a fault, we will always be upfront and truthful and would rather disappoint a client than lie.


We treat our clients, our team and our stakeholders with dignity and mutual respect at all times.


We deliver on our promises and are committed to our clients.


Our cohesive team are leading experts in their fields. We invest in their continued development and knowledge transfer to our clients.


We always meet our clients’ needs.


We are driven to achieve our clients’ milestones. We do not shy away from making decisions, setting out recommendations and detailing realistic targets.


We provide outstanding value to our clients throughout the launch lifecycle.